Mahjong Dark Dimensions

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Mahjong Dark Dimensions Overview

Get ready for the mystique of Mahjong Dark Dimensions! This Mahjong Dark Dimensions 3D game will require you to shine your intellectual light onto the dark mystery of a reinvented classic! With exciting features such as speed match and multimatch, you'll be lighting up the 3D floating Mahjong Dark Dimensions puzzle for hours on end.

How to Play Mahjong Dark Dimensions

True players of Mahjong Dark Dimensions games will be pleased to know that the rules are similar to ordinary Mahjong! You'll need to tap and match two tiles that are free from adjacent tiles. Match these as quickly as possible before you run out of time! Rotate the Mahjong Dark Dimensions puzzle by simply tapping the arrows on the screen or swiping!
Have fun exploring and playing through the mystery of the best of Mahjong Dark Dimensions!
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